Thursday, August 1, 2013

Daily Goals- Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Good morning! The baby got up 2 times last night. Hubby tried the first, but couldn't figure out how to help him. At least I premade the bottles this time, so I didn't do that half a sleep. He did also sleep in longer than yesterday, giving me time to walk to the dog, check the garden, feed the pets and let the chicks out. I also got a chance to pull our dinner Mini chicken pot pies. I also got wash in the washer and dryer.
He want to greet me this morning!
Today’s Goals
1. Drop baby off- today my dad is watching Lukas during the day. I have 3 kids I watch today and my little one. I'm out of beds at work. That means I have to be at my Dad's at 6:45am, that is so early!
2. Work- I work today from 8am- 6pm. I have to drop the littles off at a friends tonight. 
3. Gardening- walk around garden and see what is going on. 
4. Gardening- research how to save zucchini seeds. I have 2 nice zuchini and I want to save their seeds for next year. 
5. Cleaning- post new clean routine and clean bathroom. I hope to get some down time to get to blog about my cleaning. I have been trying but have gotten time yet. 

My first peach Ever!!
Yesterday's Goals
1. Work-  I am working today from 8am-6pm. - I had a great day with the littles! They were prefect yesterday and even got a comment on how good they are! 
2. Art Class- today the little ones have art class! Then weare going to go on a picnic. I think today is a prefect park day! - We had a great time at library! - We meet up with friends. Then we head to the park for a great day! The kids loved the picinc and play time. 
3. Cleaning- post new clean routine and work on cleaning our room. - I got some of the room picked up and cleaned. A little at a time until it is the way I want the house to be! 
4. Stay awake- last night I was up 3 times with the baby. It's harder than I remember. - ok having a baby full is harder then I remember, coffee is my best friend again! He is so cute though. As of now I can't wait to have one of my own again! 
5. Reading - read the rest of "Accidental Farmer" - the baby didn't take a good afternoon nap, so I didn't get any time to read. 

The pears are now facing down 

I have a busy day and hoping to get a few minutes at nap to have time to work on blogging. What are you doing today?

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