Monday, December 28, 2015

Daily goals- Monday, December 28, 2015

Hubby with his new toy
     I hope you had an amazing. We did we got to see a lot of family and enjoyed our time together. This was our first Christmas in a long time that my has it with him home. I really enjoyed spending the day with him. I have this week off to a start to get the house organize for the new year. It's nice to start a new year fresh so I will be doing a lot of cleaning and organizing this week. 

Today's goals

  1. Workout - I want to do one of my workout videos today. 
  2. Clean - I went to clean the kitchen and start to organize it. 
  3. Cooking - I  want dinner I'm thinking tacos
  4. Tumbling - my daughter has her telling Christmas parade today so I have to make brownies get the apple and apple dip together. 
  5. Running around - today I have several errands to run. I have to go to the grocery store the milk store visit my grandmother to Walmart and to the bank. 
Today I would also like to start thinking about Goals for next year. What are you doing today? 

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