Thursday, December 17, 2015

Daily Goals- Thursday, December 17, 2015

 Gloomy outside weather today 

      Today is going to be a gloomy, rain day. It will get up to 59°.  The radio said we're supposed to get about an inch of rain,if the temperatures were normal we could be getting almost a foot or more of snow today.  I don't know what I would rather have at this point snow or rain.  What would you rather have?  We are going to be hanging out mostly inside today.  But I have a lot of fun things planned!

Today Goals
  1. Work - today I am working a log day. I will have my three little men. We are going to do many fun Jj activities today! I can't wait. 
  2. Reading - I want to read more of my gardening book I'm really enjoying it. It was Free! Make sure you are checking back at night to see the free books. At least 3 days a week I will post gardening books. 
  3. Cooking - make a post telling you guys about my amazing dinner last night. It was soooo good. 
  4. Christmas - find my Christmas cards and start to fill them out. I have so many cards to fill out this year. 

  1. Work - we are going to keep learning the letter Jj. - We are having so much fun learning about the letter Jj. You can check out our lesson plan at Kids kronor- letter Jj - lesson plans.
  2. Cooking - try a new recipe. It is chicken parm in spaghetti squash. It sounds so good. - Mmmmm it was so good! I will try to post the recipe about it tonight. 
  3. Clean - I want to clean our room tonight it is a hot mess. - I didn't get to it. I wasn't feeling to good last night major craps. 
  4. Workout - I want to do the T25 cardio. -  I didn't get to it. Dinner took to long to make. 
  5. Work on cleaning and organizing my gardening stuff. - I didn't get to it. I wasn't feeling to good last night major craps. 
     I didn't get to many of my goal done yesterday. The craps I had last night are still there is morning. So I'm not writing a workout goal. I will get a 5-10 minute workout in with kids as we do Letter Jj actions. (Jumping, jumping jacks,  juggling). What are your goals for today? How did you make out yesterday?

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