Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gardening- 20 weeks before last frost (2016 garden) - planning veggiegarden

My Veggies Gardening Plan
     This week my gardening goals was "Plan garden - I use Garden Plan Pro. I love this app. You can check out my review on this app on my post" This will be in my goals for then next few weeks. I have a huge veggie garden area and then gardens around the yard. This week I worked on my veggie garden. I have used my Garden Plan Pro app. 

The seeds I need

     This year I want to plan a lot of veggies. I want to be able to can them and save them though the winter. I want to save more organic non-GMO crops so we are eating healthier. I have set some small goals. 

The plan so far
    You will see that there are place that I have more then one crop they are Companion crops. Companion crops work together to help keep away the weeds, bad bugs and provide nutrients to each. 

Print our of my seeds that I need 
     Now that I have a plan, it is time to start to look what seeds I have that are good and what seeds I have that are bad.   

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