Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Daily Goals - Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Our Christmas tree is up

     Good morning, I hope you had awesome day yesterday. I had a lot of fun with the little ones. Then I came home and hubby fished the Christmas lights and up up the tree. We decorate together before bed. 

Today's Goals
  1. Work - we are going to keep learning the letter Jj.
  2. Cooking - try a new recipe. It is chicken parm in spaghetti squash. It sounds so good. 
  3. Clean - I want to clean our room tonight it is a hot mess.
  4. Workout - I want to do the T25 cardio.
  5. Work on cleaning and organizing my gardening stuff. 

  1. Work- Today I work with my 3 little men. We are learning about the letter Jj this week. - We had so much fun learning the letter Jj. They all we signing it after earning time!
  2. Workout- Today I want to do my T25 workout and take a 10 minute walk. - I got about 25 minute walk in, but only 15 minutes of T25. 
  3. Reading - I finished my book yesterday so today I need to find a new book to read. I'm going to look for a gardening book. - I found a new gardening book for the list of Reading - Free Gardening Kindle Books - 12/15/15. It is called Mini Farming. I'm really enjoying it. 
  4. Christmas- We are planning on putting up and decorating the Christmas tree tonight. - We got this done before bed. It was fun family time!
      I got all my goals done yesterday!  How did you make out on your goals?  What are your goals for today? 

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