Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gardening- 20 weeks before last frost (2016 garden) - inventorying seed

Organizing my seeds
     This week I get to start to inventory the seeds I need for my Veggie Garden. I have 3 bins full of seeds. Seeds that I have gotten as gifts from hubby, seeds that I have gotten on sale, or seeds from the years before.
My seeds for this year
      There are so many seeds to look though and make sure I have the right type and enough seeds to plan my garden. 
My seed list
     I am using my Garden Pro Plan app. It  tells me what type of seeds to plan, when to plant them and how many to plant.  I love that I can print it out. This will help not over or under plant. This will also help me stay organized. 

My binder
     I also just started a Garden Binder. This is how I'm going to organize my garden this year. I'm going to pull out my seeds and put them in here. This will be a huge help in planting the seeds that need to be planted on the right weeks. I'm so excited to see if this helps. 

 My calendar for the greenhouse 
     I also pulled out my calendar to mark what I need to plant by dates. This will be nice to hang in my green house. This will help me stay on track on what has to get planted. 
Organizing my seeds
     Time to start to organize and inventory my seeds. What are you doing today? 

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