Friday, December 11, 2015

Gardening - 19 Weeks Before Last Frost (2016 Garden) - Weekly Goals

     Can you believe it is the 2nd week into 2016 Gardening year!?! I can't. This week is still a lot of dreaming about my garden for the year. I love that I just get to think about what I want and go for it. 

Weekly Goals 
  1. Plan gardens around - I use Garden Plan Pro. You can check out my review on this app on my post "Gardening tips - Gardening App". I have so many garden areas to plant and so many ideas in my head. 
  2. Seed Inventory- I need to go throw my though my 3 seed boxes and pull out what I need for the house gardens. I will put them in the binder to. 
  3.  Inventory seed starting supplies - Check my pots and make sure I have what I need to start planting my seeds. 
  4.  Check over gardening tools - make sure I have all the tools I need. That they are cleaned and ready to go. 
     This week will be more putting my dreams on paper. I'm so excited. What are your goals for this week?

     I do know most of you are on different weeks than me because your zones are different. You can always go back and see my weekly wrap ups. 

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