Monday, December 14, 2015

Kids kronor- letter Jj - making J Jellyfish

Finished Project
   This is an easy and fun project. I say this post on Pinterest from Crystal & Co. I decide to put our own spin on it. This project wasn't only art project, it also worked on their reading readiness skills and their math readiness skill.

Things needed for the project
Here is what you need to do the project for 3 kids....

  • 1.5 black paper
  • 1 orange paper
  • Scissors 
  • Glue

Getting the project ready

Here what teacher does....

The big jellyfish 

  • Cut out an J out of the black paper. I fold the paper half and cut 2 at a time. 
  • Cut 3 half ovals out of the orange paper. You want to cut them the size of the top of the J
  • Cut out 12 curve legs. I made them 1/2 the size of the J. 
The little jellyfish
  • Cut 6 little oval out of orange paper, 2 ovals per kid
  • Cut out 24 little legs, 8 per kid

Little men doing their projects

Here is what the kids will do to make the project.....

Big Jellyfish 

  • Glue the 4 big legs on the top part of the J
  • Glue the big oval on top of the J
Little Jellyfish
  • Make 2 big glue circle
  • Put 4 little legs in each glue spot 
  • Put a half circle over the legs. 

How to make this project educational, while having fun. Ask questions, that's it ask questions about what they are doing. 

  • What color is the J? Math Readiness Skill
  • What color is the jellyfish? Math Readiness Skill
  • What letter did you make? Reading Readiness Skill
  • What sound does J make? Reading Readiness Skill
  • How many jellyfish did you make? Math Readiness Skill

     I love this way of teaching. The kids learn from their art project so much. They don't know I'm teaching they think we are having fun doing an art project. Plus they get their parents a cute project.

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