Friday, December 11, 2015

Gardening - 20 Weeks Before My Last Frost (Garden 2016) - Weekly GoalsWrap Up

Organized group seeds

     I was so excited about this week to restarted my " Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener's HandBook" by Ron Kujawski and Jennifer Kujawski. If you don't own this book, BUY it. It is such a huge help. I use it to help me set my weekly garden goals. It is also filled with amazingly awesome information. 

Planning my Veggie Garden

Here were the gardening goals for last week. 
  1. Plan garden - I use Garden Plan Pro. I love this app. You can check out my review on this app on my post "Gardening tips - Gardening App". - I did this goal this week! You can checkout   how I did it at Gardening - 20 Weeks Before Last Frost (2016 Garden) - Planning Veggie Garden. I am so excited to see my plans in my head to be on paper. 
  2.  Inventory seed starting supplies - check my pots and make sure I have what I need to start. - I started this goal, but I didn't get far. I have so many pots to wash so I'm not marking this as done and adding it to next week's goals. 
  3. Check over gardening tools - make sure I have all the tools I need. That they are cleaned and ready to go. - I didn't get to this goal. 

I added two more goals to this week. 
  1. Inventory Seeds - I did this in Gardening - 20 Weeks Before Last Frost (2016 Garden) - Inventroying seeds. - I decide it was important to look though the seeds I have and make sure that they were still good. I also thought it was a good idea to know what seeds I still needed. (They would make awesome stocking stockers for Hubby) 
  2. 2016 Garden Binder - I decide on Wednesday, I would start this goal. I wanted in place that I could put the seeds I need and the plans for the garden. I also like that when I go into the binder and put the seeds I need to plant. I will tell you more about this idea later. 
Insisde of the binder 
     This week is the start of 2016 Gardens. I love this week because I got to dream of my garden and the way I want it to look. This week was the easy week.

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Gardening - 20 weeks before my last frost 2016 -weekly Goals
Gardening - 20 Weeks Before Last Frost (2016 Garden) - Inventroying seeds
Gardening- 20 weeks before last frost (2016 garden) - planning veggiegarden

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