Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kids kronor- letter Jj - Jellybean experiment

  Conclusion of the experiment 

     I love science as a kid.  I personally think that we should teach kids to look at things in a cause and effect type away.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and if you teach that kid to learn  that everything they do have some affect it'll be easier for them in the future. (I use this type of discipline with the kids often like if you through that book I will take it.  And then when they throw the book I take it I always ask him what caused you to lose the book.  It makes them look deeper into what is going on.)  at the preschool age I do not get into huge detail on why the experiment is going the way it went, when I have older kids present we go into more detail.  But even with the preschool age we make a hypothesis and then we find our conclusion. Thank you Teach Preschool for the idea, we did change it up a little but it worked great for our Jj letter. 

 ice water, room temperature water, hot water 

What you need to conduct the experiment.....
  •  Three clear jars so you can see what's going on 
  •  Microwave or a way to make the water hot 
  •  Water 
  •  Ice cubes 
  •  Two jellybean per kid
Adding the jellybeans
How to conduct the experiment....

  •  Warm up one of the waters, I put in the microwave for 45 seconds.
  •  Add water to the other two jars 
  •  Add ice cube in one of the jars 
  • Each kid two jelly beans 
  •  Make a hypothesis 
  •  Let sit for two hours but check on it every 30 to 45 minutes 
 Our hypothesis 
 The jellybeans will change the watercolor , they will get bigger,  and softer.  All the water will turn the same color.

here is what happen to our jellybeans

11:00 - right away the jellybean in the hot water jar made the water change to a bright red and the Candy shell started to come off. 
11:45- The Candy shell came off all the jellybeans. The room temperature jar and ice water jar both turned very light pink. 
12:15 - all the jellybeans where white

What was the conclusion of the experiment?
 The hard candy shell seem sick color of the water hot water became a darker color. All the jellybeans turned white. They did not get bigger but they became very slimy. They were very soft compared to a hard jellybean (One that was not in the water). They still tasted the same the same, very yummy. 

Have you tried this experiment with your preschooler? What would you do to change it to fit your needs? Use more and different temperature water, different color jellybeans; there so many ways to change his experiment into something fun. Let me know how you changed it for you.

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