Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kids kronor- letter Jj - lesson plans

     This week is letter Jj. It will be the last letter until the new year. I have some fun things that we are going to do with the letter Jj.

I love that my library carries these books 
      We are going to 1st introduce the letter Jj with My "j" sound Box, by Jane Belk Mancure. We also sing the letter j song from LeapFrog: Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set. I think these are fun ways to introduce the letter Jj. 

     We will also learn new songs this week that start with the letter Jj. 


      I also will be using a Utube video to help the kids learn about Jj form Sesame Street.

     I love Pinterest! I find so many fun ideas on there. You can check out my Letter Jj board at Missy Life Of Working Mom. I found a fun science project thanks to Teach Preschool. I found ideas for letter J art projects jellyfish, toast with jam, and jellyfish in a bottle. The kids are going to have so much fun.

     We will also count the date we are on in English and Spanish. We will sing our ABCs. We will have learning book time in the morning. During snack time we will have reading time. We also play a board game everyday too. 

     What are your little ones working on this week? Let me know I love new ideas!! 

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