Monday, December 2, 2013

Daily Goals ~ December 2,2013

Ugh fighting this cold, I will give it a few more days o work it out of my system, if it isn't  gone by Friday. Off to the Doctors I will go. I won't deal with a 2 week cold, without seeing a doctor. I am at this point using over the counter Dayquil and Nightquil, plus mint tea, with parsley and raw honey, and cinnamon. The tea seems to help for a hour then it right back to crap.
Today's goals
  1. Work ~ I go back to work today. I work 9am-2pm. It should be an easy day. My little one has school, therefore it just me and the baby.
  2. Cleaning ~ clean Kitchen, Hubby and I worked so hard on hang the house picked up I don't want to lose it.
  3. Couponing ~ I need to cut and organize my coupons. Lots of good sales at the Giant this week. My gas will pay for cookies, pancake mix, and sandwiches. I  love those weeks.
  4. Make dinner ~  have to plan and make dinner for the week.
  5. Write my weekly Goals ~ I love having goals to go on for the week. It makes me feel like I did something.
What are you doing today? In our area its 1st day of hunting season, hubby already out!

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