Saturday, December 7, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Saturday, Decemerber 7th, 2013

Good morning. I'm feeling better to get up and move. I did promise hubby, I wouldn't drive anywhere because one of my medicines are making me dizzy. So time to get the house back in order.

Today's Goals
  1. Pay Bills ~ Ugh I hate this job more than the rest. I hate seeing our money go, even though I know it has too.
  2. Clean ~ our house was so nice before the holidays, now its a mess. Time to get it back in order, before it gets out of hand.
  3. Gardening ~ Repot my plants. I bought parsley and mint plant to help with my cold. I also was giving a rosemary plant. I want to replant them all, in potting soil that has food in it.
  4. Couponing ~ I need to get them organized. It was nice to have what my family need to cook in the house while I was sick. Plus Giant came back with $.40 off gas again, so we got some much free food this week.
  5. Relax ~ I want to take a hot bath and just relax and not over work myself. I'm feeling better but don't want to push it.
What are you doing today?

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