Thursday, December 12, 2013

Daily Goals - Thursday, December 12th, 2013

 Good Morning, I was woking up to my emails going off! It's snowing here again! Not much but enough for people to drive like crazy people. I also have to get the fire going in the house. Hopeful it will help get the house warm. 

Today's Goals
  1. Work- I work from 8-6. I got texts from hubby and my mom to leave early because it is snowing!
  2. Workout- I want to do a yoga video today. I'm doing awesome sticking with counting my calories!
  3. Cleaning- vacume the house. I have been keeping the house picked up. So it easier, to keep it clean. 
  4. Reading- Today is my last day to read my book. It is due at the library tonight! Hope I can finsh it. 
  5. Keep fire going- having a wood fire place, that warms the house is very hard on cold days when hubby and I both work. Yesterday we got home and the house was 60 degrees. It was so cold. Before I feel asleep, I got it back up to 67'. 
Yesterday's Goals
  1. Work ~ Today I work from 8am- 6pm. It might be a long day because the little ones haven't seen me all week. I have missed them so much though! - it was so much fun to be back to work!
  2. Cleaning ~ back to work makes clean when I get home so hard to do. But we are having friends over for dinner on Saturday and that won't leave me with a lot of time. With that being said today, I will clean the bathroom and fold 2 baskets of wash.- I was so beat. I just crashed with hubby. 
  3. Reading - today is the last day with my book. That's makes me so sad!! But I have had it for a month. - I got done two chapters! 
  4. Cooking- we changed the menu for today. We are having steak and potatoes. Mmmm. - dinner was great 
I had a great day yesterday. I love having a job I love! 

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