Monday, December 16, 2013

Gardening Tips - Use a Notebook to Plan Garden

My gardening Journal

Another reason is to know when things are planted. Like in March, I need to plant 86 pea plants indoors. Then in April, I need to plant 86 more outside. Having it written down, helps me keep track of what I need to plant and when.
        Having a notebook also will let me know, when to harvest my plants. Like my peppers, if I start them on March 14th, I should be able to harvest them around May 20th to June 9th. This is great to information to know. I can start to plan my menu around the food that is coming out of the garden.
         I use a binder, so I have an area to write what I need to buy. I normal call this my dream list. I have a huge one. It is great though, because it shows me what I want to work for. Having a list will help you know what you want to buy, therefore you don't go in a store and come out with 10 different seeds that aren't on your list and you don't have anywhere to plant them. ( I have done this several times.)
      The last reason, I'm using a binder is that it will help me save my seeds. This year’s goal is to start to save seeds. There will be a spot in the binder for all the information on the seeds, I plant. That will tells what they are and their detail of each seed. This spot will grow with information on how the plant grows for me, when to start it. This will be important because I grow Survival Essential ~ Squash, Dark Green Zucchini for 10 years by harvesting my heirloom seeds and replanting them. I will most likely forget where I got it from. Causing me to have to replace the seeds, because they spoiled on year, I can look it up. I won't be without the Zucchini plant I love.
There are many ways to keep Journals, I use paper and pen, then put it on my Gardening App. I also use this blog as my journal. This way I have many forms of a journal to help me grow my garden every year!
How do you keep track of your garden?

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