Friday, December 13, 2013

Gardening - Planning Gardening Box 1 for 2014

My Garden Pro App layout!
This garden box will be Carrot garden box. I always seem to have a lot of trouble growing carrots I can't quite figure out why. But they never seem to grow longer than my thumb. But I will keep trying until I can figure out what I'm doing wrong I wonder if my clay soil just is not right for them yet and in time they will grow bigger. But I did try to plant them in a pot last year and that didn't work either. I guess it's give-and-take and see what works.
This year I'm going to plant them in the box followed my potatoes were in last year. Hopefully the potatoes broke up the soil enough to give the carrots room to grow. I am also going to try to plant them earlier. I'm hoping that I will be able to get them into the soil by no later than April 4th. Then I am going to plant two rows a week for a month. This way they should have more than enough time to be harvest by this fall. This also makes my harvest dates different so I don't have to harvest them all at once.
I am also looking at companions for the carrots. Companion planting is normally the best way to go because it helps you can't different varieties of plants altogether one area. Companion planting also helps you learn what will help your plant grow better. The companion plants that I found that should work well with my carrots are cherry tomatoes and leeks. 

Planning my 2014 Garden

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