Thursday, December 19, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Christmas Tree 2013
Took yesterday off from blogging and watch Christmas movies most of the day with hubby, then we decorated the tree, and went around the neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights. It was a wonderful day! Now I have to go back to work.

Today's Goals
  1. 1. Work ~ I work from 8am-6pm. I'm excited because today we are going to work on our Christmas Gifts.
  2.  Cooking ~ We are going to cut our sugar dough and make cookies today! MMMmmm
  3. Kids Kroner ~ We made our Christmas Gift Bags on Tuesday. They are so cute. Today we are going to make the Christmas ball that goes into it. I cant wait!
  4. Clean up ~ Tonight before I go to bed, I want to get all the wash folded that is upstairs. I have so much wash to fold. (everything clean)
  5. Gardening ~ Work on my Garden box 3 plans. I haven't gotten to they yet.
What are you doing today?

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