Friday, December 20, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Friday, December 20, 2013

 I have off work today. I wasn't planning that. It is nice though. It gives me a little extra time to get everything together. I still have many gifts to wrap, and find. I also have a lot of stuff to do that I was trying to put into a few days. Its nice to have time to take my time.

Mmm our cookies!
Today's Goals
  1. Pay the Bills ~ I hate Fridays because it is the day of the week I sit down, and realize we are poor. One day we won't be, but as of now we are.
  2. Make Calls ~ I have to call the wood guy and see what he price of wood is. I also have to call one of our sites, because I locked myself out.
  3. Errands ~ I have to run to the bank, my mom's house, and the store.
  4. Cleaning~ clean the living-room and hang up the stockings.
  5. Gardening ~ Replant my rosemary plant
This are so cute!
Yesterday's Goals

  1. 1. Work ~ I work from 8am-6pm. I'm excited because today we are going to work on our Christmas Gifts. ~ It was a great day! I love my job!
  2.  Cooking ~ We are going to cut our sugar dough and make cookies today! MMMmmm. ~ the little ones had a blast! IT was so much fun!
  3. Kids Kroner ~ We made our Christmas Gift Bags on Tuesday. They are so cute. Today we are going to make the Christmas ball that goes into it. I cant wait! ~ They came out amazing!
  4. Clean up ~ Tonight before I go to bed, I want to get all the wash folded that is upstairs. I have so much wash to fold. (everything clean). ~ I didn't get to that.
  5. Gardening ~ Work on my Garden box 3 plans. I haven't gotten to they yet.~ I'm so excited! Just wait until you see the plans
Yesterday was an awesome day! I had a blast at work! I love my little ones! This time of year is so much fun. How did you day go yesterday, do you have anything planed for today?

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