Monday, June 24, 2013

Daily Goals- Monday, June 24, 2013

Today’s Goals
1. Work~ I work 8am-6 PM and I have all the  kids today. 
2. Gym- I want to get an hour in tonight. I work up with an upset tummy at 3am & 4am, Therefore I didn't feel like going this morning. As long as my stomach feels good night. 
3. Cleaning- Today I want to work on the kitchen. I want to get all the dishes done and all kitchen cleaned up today it's cleaning one less thing to worry about from the dentist Wednesday. 
4. Gardening ~ Write my weekly gardening goals and posts it. I'm already a day behind. 
5. Gardening~ Get my main sprinklers up. I have sprinklers for all around the garden so that I wouldn't have to just water and stand there and the plants could get a good soak. With the heatwave we are going to face, I want to make sure that I give my plans and inch of water every other day. 

Yesterday’s Goals
1. Pets~ I need to clean chicken coop and take the dog for a walk
. – Done, doesn’t he look happy? 4 miles we are getting there.
Skip ready for his ride to the park, and yes he has a seat buckle on!
2. Gardening~ I want to weed my herb garden box and dry some oregano. It is taking over the garden. – I didn’t get there a friend stop by with her daughter and we hung out. There is always tomorrow.
3. Gardening~ I want to get my watermelon transplants planted. – Done. Hopeful they have enough time to grow. The Sugar babys already have watermelons on them.

My Watermelons! 6 baby surgars and 3 orange
4. Gardening ~ Write my weekly Gardening Goals- I didn’t get there, I was out in the garden until 8pm it was quitting them when I got back in.
5. Family~ Hubby really liked coming home to dinner on the table, so tonight I’m going to make sure I have it read of him again. – It was ready for him. He loves it.
 Even though I didn’t get two of my goals done I knocked out a lot of weeding and gave everyone a drink yesterday! How did you do on your goals? Did you get them done? What are your goals for today?
I had 3 of these yesterday!

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