Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gardening - Planting Potatoes in Pot Bags

Getting ready
decide that I was going to try to plant potatoes in bags. Everything I have been reading says this way will give me many potatoes and I can harvest a little at a time, through the hole in the bag. I found my bags at the end of the season at Walmart for $2.50. I figured it was worth trying. 

The bag is big. I have to roll it down. 

Adding Dirt
I add about 1/8 of dirt. So the potato have some to grow on.

Adding potatoes

I added the potatoes. Then covered them.

2 weeks later

Two weeks later, they started to grow. This is so neat. They are doing great. They will be behind my bench on the deck. I can't wait to see how many potatoes I get. 

In there new home. Next my future tomato pot

How are you planting your potatoes? Have you ever tried to grown them in a pot?

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