Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daily Goals Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today’s Goals

1.      Work~ I work 8am-6 PM plus time for boss to go out to dinner, and I have all the kids today

2.      Meet Cass at the dentist, she got jealous me getting work done so she now need dental work. Just kidding, one of her teeth isn’t growing in right, so we have to get it checked out.

3.      Have patients ~ Today is going to be a hard day, y bosses are redoing the upstairs, which means none of my three kids will have a quiet place to sleep. I am praying for patients to deal with this.

4.      Call dentist~ haven’t heard anything and need to make sure Ican get the meds I need before this all starts.

5.      Sleep~ I know I’m going to be worried about tomorrow, but I need to get sleep. I keep telling my hubby this can go two ways, really good or really bad. Ugh so worried.

Yesterday’s Goals

1. Work~ I work 8am-6 PM and I have all the kids today. – Done we had a great day!

2. Gym- I want to get an hour in tonight. I work up with an upset tummy at 3am & 4am, Therefore I didn't feel like going this morning, as long as my stomach feels good night. – Didn’t do stomach just didn’t calm down. To stress, I think.

3. Cleaning- Today I want to work on the kitchen. I want to get all the dishes done and all kitchen cleaned up today it's cleaning one less thing to worry about from the dentist Wednesday. - Done I work on the kitchen for 2 hours last night still have a lot to go but it getting there.

4. Gardening ~ Write my weekly gardening goals and posts it. I'm already a day behind. – Left book at home, ugh.

5. Gardening~ Get my main sprinklers up. I have sprinklers for all around the garden so that I wouldn't have to just water and stand there and the plants could get a good soak. With the heatwave we are going to face, I want to make sure that I give my plans and inch of water every other day. – didn’t get too, it rained yesterday.


Well off to work. How did you do on your goals yesterday? What are your goals today?

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