Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gardening~ Gardening Goals~ 6 Weeks After My Last Frost - Tomatoes

My tomato Plant
One of the My Gardening Goals~ 6 Weeks After My Last Frost was to check my tomato plants.  

Yellowing leaves

One thing I checked for is bad or yellowing leaves. I pick them off. I think they are this way, because they are over water. It has been rain a lot this month. I haven't even really need to water them at all. 


Another thing you look for are suckers. They are branches starting to grow right next to another branch. All I do is pinch them off, and they are gone. You don't want them growing because the plant will focus more on them and less on making the fruit. 

I also check for signs of bugs or diseases  on the plant. As of right now the plants look like there is no bug problems. 

After cleaned up

Now all my tomato plants are checked up. I know which plants might need extra TLC. The other thing is I believe it makes it harder for bugs to settle because they don't like you in the garden. 

How offend do you check on your plants?

Here is more on what I'm doing in my garden this week. 
Gardening Goals~ 6 Weeks After My Last Frost

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