Saturday, June 29, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Milk Thistle
Today’s Goals
1.       Gardening ~ plant the bean area. I don’t know if I will get any beans this year. I am behind on planting the beans. None of my spouts came up, so I kept pushing it off. Here hoping for an Indian Sumer and good yield of beans.

2.       Gardening ~ Plant my tomato transplants. I have no idea, if I will even get anything off it, but I need to try.

3.       Gardening ~ Cut the Milk Thistle. If their seed open up then I will have the everywhere, I just want them in one area. So I need to control the seeds.

4.       Go to the lake~ I think we are going to try to get the boat out today. I can’t wait.

5.       Cleaning ~ I want to get the wash away; it is over taking the couch.
My messy couch

Yesterday’s Goals

I only paid $2.57
1.       Couponing ~ I want to go to the Giant, CVS, and Wal-Mart. I plan on spending $9, getting 33 different products, and coming back with $8 in store credit. Hopefully if everything works right, I will spend $1 on 33 products today. – Hubby add soda to our list, I spent $10.57 out of pocket and got $8 back to the store. I only spent $2.57 yesterday. You can check out how at Couponing- Only paid $2.57   

Mmmm Mulberries
2.       Gardening ~ I want to harvest more Mulberries today.  Hubby is home so I can us the ladder. – I harvested about 3lbs of Mulberries!

In the basket are one we are eating in; my hand are my seeds for next year
3.       Gardening~ Harvest peas, my pea bushes are over grown and need to be harvested. I’ glad I got out there yesterday. The pea plants where starting to turn brown. I did harvest a lot for our family, some for seeds and some for the chickens.

Radish Seedpots
4.       Gardening ~ Check on my radish seeds. I have let some of the radish go to seeds, so if the harvest started to brown I want to pick them and save them for the fall. The radish seed are all over the garden, but not ready to be harvested for seeds. Did you know you could harvest the seedpods and cook with them? Check out what else I have harvested out of my garden at Gardening ~Weight in for Friday, June 28th

 5.       Pets ~ Chicks I want to let the chicks out of the cage and let them run around today. They are living in the smaller crate with the big chicks, but not mixed. The last time they were aloud out they didn’t go in on their own so I can’t leave them out. Plus they are too little, the hawks will take them. The baby chicks got out of their little coop, but really didn’t leave the big coop. The bigger chick did pick on the last night so they went back in their baby coop.