Monday, June 10, 2013

Gardening - Planting Eggplant

My Eggplant Seedling Ready to be Planted

On Sunday I got a half-hour to go into the garden and get my Eggplant seeding planted. 

I decided that I wanted to plant them in with my garlic bulbs. After doing a lot of reading on Eggplants, I found out that eggplant and garlic is a good companion plants. It also gives me a new area to put it and a fence for it to hold onto. This works great for me!

Eggplant in between the Garlic

I weeded the garlic area and planet the eggplant in between two Garlic Bulbs.  I planted one every 4 feet. They are very spaced out, but that should be fine. 

Galic weeded and Eggplant Planted

Now my whole garlic area is weeded and the eggplants are add it for Cass. (she the only one in the house that likes them)  I did have an extra plant which I am taking into work for my boss.

How is your gardening coming?  What do you do with your extra seedlings? 

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