Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kids Knorner- Farm Animals Lesson Plans

This week I only work 3 days. I have bought the each of the learning books for their learning level. This will help me work one on one with the kids and still challenge them.
Tuesday - work on cows
              - make cows out paper
              - sing Old McDonald
Wednesday - art class
                   - picnic in the mall
Thursday-  work on pigs
               - play 3 little pigs 
               - make pigs out of paper plates
* as always we go over the calender and count and sign

Here are three videoes we will watch while I' getting lunch ready.


During the summer were we going to work though our summer learning books, and have fun learning. In the next two weeks, we will learn about farm animals. Next Thursday we will go visit the Apple Orchard and see the baby goats.

What are you learing about this summer?

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