Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daily goals - Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My daffodil
Good Morning up before 6 again! I'm getting there. I hoping to spend 30 minutes in the garden. It stop raining for now, but is suppose to pick back up later today.

Today's Goals
1. Get up before 6am~ I didn't give myself a specific time because I not going to the gym today.
2. Work in the garden~ Right now the morning is the best time to get in the garden, bugs are to bad at night and I'm working in the daytime.
3. Complete a garden goal today~ I want to complete my garden goal of Check Tomatoes ~ watch for fungus or early blight, also remove suckers. This will help your tomatoes start to grow. This shouldn't take long. You can find the rest of this weeks garden goals at Gardening Goals~ 6 Weeks After My Last Frost.
4. Write out this week's Weekly Menu~ I have it written in my book, but i want to tell you guys about it.
5. Work~ I work form 8am -6pm

Yesterdays Goals
1. Get up by 5:15~I did this!!! I'm so excited  Done
2. Go to the gym~ I want to work out 3x this week. Bridesmaid dress, Wedding dress, Maid of honer dress, all this year! Done, later this week I will tell you about my works this week and my calories.
3. Work ~ I working the rest of the Mondays until the mid of July, but I get 1/2 this month off and a whole week next month off. It evens out! I end up being late, roads were so flooded out.
4. Pick up our quad~ An Awesome friend fixed it for us, we are selling it. The place we used to go to has been shut down. There is no where in under a hour to go riding, so it stupid to have a loan out on it. Bye Bye quad extra wedding money here we come! ~ We decided not to go because of the rain. Hubby is going this afternoon and has it almost sold today!
5. Write My weekly Goals ~ hubby is stressed so I want to find something special for him this week, just to let him now what he means to me. My parents have refused to pay anything toward the wedding, so it falls on us. But he doesn't want me to pick up more time at work or even look for a second job on my days off. The money is falling on him. Done you can check them out Weekly goals- June 10-16

Last night Hubby and I had so much fun together trying to make our daffodils for our wedding cake. He did great but mine didn't look that good. We decide that we were going to buy them. How did you do on your goals for yesterday? What are your goals for today?
Hubby's daffodil

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