Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gardening~ How to harvest Mulberries

One of my Mulberry Trees
I am blessed to have 3-4 (I found another one this morning) Mulberry trees in my yard. They came with the house and up to last year I didn't even realize we had them or what they were. I just thought the birds had something against my car. They poop on it all the time flying from the Mulberry tree to my Cherry tree.
Last year, we saw the fruit and send it to someone to tell us if it was safe to eat and what it was. They came back with its safe to eat and it  Mulberry tree. Then my daughter was excited that she wasn't killing herself. Apparently her and the neighbor girl were eating the fruit for two years without telling parents. This one was a hard lesson to teach that you just don't eat fruit.

All I need
Today is the first time I ever wet to harvest the tree. We have lived her for over 5 years. I will most likely go out again tomorrow after hubby set up the later.  I gathered what I needed my basket, and head out. I'm going to have ask hubby to set up the later tonight for me.
Just twist
It isn't hard to harvest mulberries. When the they are ripe they fall of the tree. If anything you might have to just twist.
Into the basket

Into they basket the fall! 
This is my 1st basket
I collected 36.7 oz (about 2 1/4lbs) of Mulberries today. The trees has so much more to get!

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