Friday, November 22, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Friday, November 22, 2013

Today is a day that I try to catch up from working all week. On days that working sometimes I don't feel like coming home, and washing the dishes or putting away the wash. So Friday as I normally do that plus my errands.

Today's goals
  1. Bills- this is one area that I am very OCD about I pay my bills using an old calculator that prints out what I'm paying I have a new book plus I have an app on my iPad that matches my accounts and my Redbook.  (and yes it is very disappointing looking at because we are not rich and we do not make a lot of money) this helps me know what's in the accounts and make sure that everything is getting paid I like pen and paper but I also love the app I use because it gives me it high chart of what is going on. I also use an app that is helping us get out of debt. 
  2. Cooking with garden harvest- today I am going to start cooking up my pumpkins to get them ready for Thanksgiving!
  3. Cleaning- today I want to get my kitchen clean I want to clean the walls and everything so it is going to be a long day at our house!
  4. Errands- I have to run to the bank, to the grocery store, to milk store, and to the fruit stand today. 
  5. Work out- I also want to hit the gym today and get in a cardio workout! 
What are your goals today? 

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