Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gardening - Researching Bay Tree

I have be doing a lot of research on plants, I want in my herb garden. I started with plants I use. Basil, thyme, dill, but I already that them in my garden. Therefore I didn't need them. Then I though of the spice I love to use, but they are costly. Bay leave was the first thing I thought of. But I don't know about bay leave other than they are a tree. There are some many question.  I am working on researching the general information on it.


1. What is a bay tree?
       The first thing I do when I research a plant is look it up in Wikipedia . Yes I know all the information on there might not be true, but it gives me a start and a scientific name which is Laurus nobilis. This tree is from the Mediterranean. The tree grows and you can use the leaves in the food your. But you can not eat the leave!

2. Can I grow it outside in my area?
     Yes, but they need protection from our winters. Veggie Gardening tips says that you can grow them in a container. I'm still a little iffy about that. The site also said that it does better the more it is outside.

3.  How old do it have to be to use the plant?
       You can use the leaves, right away. You really should though let them grow a few leaves before you use them. That way you don't kill the tree. 

4. Where can I buy one?
       I found a site that sells the to Pa and all the feed back on the plants were great.  the Grower Exchange I think I'm going to get my from there. Two plants will be about $20 it's not that bad.

5. Are they hard to grow?
      They say that if you plant them in the ground where they wouldn't get wind. They should be fine, but don't over love them. You will kill them then. I also read that if you plant them in pots they might not live very long.  

These are the first questions I ask before I decide if I want one or not. (Unless someone gives me seeds for free) Do you have a Bay tree or know anything about bay leaves?

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