Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wedding Wenesday ~ Engament Party

I had an amazing in Engagement Party. My mother throw it for us and so many people were there! I was a little sad that Hubby's family couldn't make it. They live 2-3 hours away and my mom had the party at 6pm. So I understand, but I know hubby was sad about it.

Not best Picture of us
My best friend came in from SC to sped the weekend with us. Her son is getting so big. I was so excited to spend time with her. Even though she took all my make-up home with her.
At the party I asked all my brides maids to be in my wedding as well as the groomsmen. I made them a bag with aspirin, ring pop, and coffee in the bridesmaids bag, hubby switch out the coffee for a shot. He sad the guys might need that more! We also made up a bag with ring pops in it for the kids in our wedding. I handed them out.

Lol we were feeling it the next day
After that it was time to party! My mom made amazing food and we had drinks! It was a blast. Only issue we had later was only one person took pictures. I have to remember to bring a camera next time.

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