Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Today is hubby and my day off together. I love those day's. I am still working though getting over this allergy attack. I had another reaction last night. We found the air filter and start to run it. I'm doing 70% better. What every we put in the air needed to get out of the ar.

Today's Goals
  1. Errands ~ I have to get cat soap and coffee creamer.
  2. Pet ~ Today I have to give the cat and dog a bath. I also have to clean the chick coop. 
  3. Cleaning ~ Today is the living room's turn to get cleaned! I want to stream vacuum and dust everything!
  4. Cooking ~ I need to cook up my pumpkins.  Fresh pumpkin always makes a better pie.
I am only doing 4 goals for today, because the cleaning will take up most the day. What are you dog today? Are you getting ready for people to come over?

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