Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gardening & Harvesting - Kidney Beans

My kidney beans
I planted kidney beans this year right before the last chance I could. So I wasn't excepting to get a lot out of them. I was excited though! I got about a cup. Which is enough to save some for seeds for next year and to cook with some!
Here how I harvest them! 
My kidney beans drying on the plant 
I let them dry out on the plant. I wait until they are starting to spilt. 
Cutting the pods off
After they are dry out I cut off the pods. I you cutter so I don't ripe the pods and have some fall out. It seems to help. 
The kidney beans in the pod

Then I open the pods and pick out the good kidney beans! Look how red they are. 

All these pods for one plant 
It was that simple. I felt like I got a lot off one plant but could have gotten more if I planted them sooner. I'm defentaly going to plant them next year!!

Did you plant any this year? When do you harvest them?