Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gardening & Harvesting ~ Pinapple Sage

This year I bought two pineapple sage plants from Black Creek Nursery. One the dog dug up. The other you're into this huge plant! I let it grow until it's brown and flowers picking occasionally for tea.

Sorry bad Picture, we took it at night before PA 1st frost! Little one with pineapple sage and Loofah
The whole reason for buying this plant though was to turn it into jelly and use it on our hams! 
Pineapple seeds seems to be one of the easiest things to grow! All I did was into it and the rain watered it. To harvested all you do is pick the leaves. Mmmm they smell so good, and makes great tea.

5 cups of Pineapple sage
I did try to be cuttings out of it to see if I can regrow it in they did not work. I will try one more time and hopeful this time it works. 
What was easiest plant you grew this year? 

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