Thursday, November 14, 2013

Garden & Aquaponic - research

I have been very interested in aqua phonics revenue last year to year and a half. I think the idea of being able to raise – while you're growing vegetables is very amazing! This would be something to do in a crisis situation but it's also another way to organically grow your food. By raising my fish, I will know what they eaten and where they come from. Also it will provide me with organic food for my plants to eat!
Now aquaphonic fine it has always made me very curious and very scared to do. It seemed very complicated and expensive to do. Well to my surprise Hubby found a site that I can make my tanks very cheaply. I read through National Geographic site and got excited .We already have a lot of what we need.
Will this new exciting news and then I need to do my research! I have already download several free books on it. Right now I'm reading 'Aquaponic Gardening Inside - A Basic Guide for Tropical Fish Keepers' by Steve Pond. (If you been downloading the free Kindle Gardening Books, then you will have a lot of aquaponics books to look through)
I also called the local fish store and found out that I could still get catfish for my tank. After reading more of the book I realize the plant that I use will most likely be heard and lettuce. The reason for that invade won't need to be cross pollinated. We decided we're going to try to start the aqua tank inside, if it works the right way then we might try one outside too!
I will keep you guys updated on our progress. We probably won't be able to start this until December because we have some busy upcoming weekend, we still do need to buy some of the parts ,and figure out where were going to set it up.

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