Saturday, November 23, 2013

Daly Goals ~ Saturday, November 23, 2013

Today is a cleaning day. I have a lot still to get done and not a lot of time. I have wash going and have the fire going. That is all. I am being lazy today and not getting much done, that really doesn't help with cleaning the house.
Today's Goals
  1. Cleaning Kitchen ~ I still have to dust, clean top cabinets, a clean frig and scrub the back door, clean windows and scrub the other walls.
  2. Run Errand for hubby ~ I have to run 1/2 away to get him pieces on for his new bike. It works out for me because he promise to help me clean on Tuesday when we both are off.
  3. Dinner ~ Tonight is my bother wedding shower dinner. The bride is being a bridzilla and wanted dinner instead of a shower. (she want a huge shower that would cost over $1000, so we said no) Therefore we have to go to this. I wasn't suppose to get them anything, but  have been picking up little stuff since they announced their date.
  4. Cook my pumpkins~ I didn't get to it last night, I need them cooked!

Yesterday's goals
  1. Bills- this is one area that I am very OCD about I pay my bills using an old calculator that prints out what I'm paying I have a new book plus I have an app on my iPad that matches my accounts and my Redbook.  (and yes it is very disappointing looking at because we are not rich and we do not make a lot of money) this helps me know what's in the accounts and make sure that everything is getting paid I like pen and paper but I also love the app I use because it gives me it high chart of what is going on. I also use an app that is helping us get out of debt. ~ everything for the week is paid. Plus figured out Black Friday money!
  2. Cooking with garden harvest- today I am going to start cooking up my pumpkins to get them ready for Thanksgiving! ~ didn't get to it, but made an awesome dinner for hubby.
  3. Cleaning- today I want to get my kitchen clean I want to clean the walls and everything so it is going to be a long day at our house!~  got 1/2 of it done, but took sometime out to think.
  4. Errands- I have to run to the bank, to the grocery store, to milk store, and to the fruit stand today.~ I got my running around done, I still need a few more things for dinner, but want to see if they would go on sale next week.
  5. Work out- I also want to hit the gym today and get in a cardio workout! ~ I timed my errands perfectly to hit the gym when I wanted to be there, but didn't think about having 3 gallons of milk in the car and frozen veggies. I skipped the gym and cut up or veggies to make them easier to eat.
I Know, I normal have 5 goals, but the cleaning will take most the day so I don't want to over do it. What are you goals for today?

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