Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly Goals~ November 26 - December 3, 2013

Wow, I can't believe that it is December already this week. I have must of the week off this week. Which is nice, because I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my house for 11 people. What are you doing for dinner this week?

Weekly Goals
  1. Work ~ I work on Monday this week that all.
  2. Cleaning ~ Ugh I hate cleaning but I have to get the whole house in order, before Thursday.
  3. Thanksgiving ~ make dinner! I love cooking this meal. This is my favorite holiday, because it makes us think of what we have. This year might be a little weird, because there is going to be a huge elephant in the room. I just hope we don't focus on it.
  4. Gardening ~ Start to organize and clean my garden pots. It is a huge mess in my garden area.
  5. Reading ~ Finish My book I have been reading. Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter this book has some awesome information in it. I hoping to write a book review on it. There for you know what I think of it. I got it from the library!
  6. Black Friday ~ I want to go out and get all the gift bought and wrapped on Friday! I love shopping this day. I also love having the gift bought and wrapped so I don't have to worry about them and if other people (I didn't plan on buying for) pop up and can get gifts and not stress about it.
  7. Christmas~ After Black Friday, my Christmas plans start! I hope to get the house decorated. Everyone is off so t will be fun.
That is all my goals this week because I know cooking and cleaning will take up most of my time! Hope you have a wonderful holiday week. Let me know what you are doing.

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