Saturday, April 19, 2014

Couponing/Stockpile ~ How I do it on a small budget

Giant and Gas Points

This is how I stay on my $150-$200 budget a month. I combine 2 bills into one. Yes I agree $150 dollars a month isn't a lot of money. I feed a family of 2.5 (my daughter lives 1/2 here and 1/2 at her dad's).

My Stock pile 4/17/14

I don't only feed my family, I also stockpile about 3 months of food. The LDS Church tells us to have a Food Storage of 3 months of food. That way if something bad happens, you have it. I can't tell you how many time having a stock pile of food has feed my family, when an unexpected bill has come up. It is a true blessing that God has giving me to have my stockpile. Also having a stock pile means if I got 10 ketchup bottles at $.35 a piece, then I paid $3.50 for them. I have them in the basement. If I run out I can grab one from the basement and not pay full price. (which is more that $2 a piece)

My stock pile freeze are full!
Okay, now your asking me how I use two bills to equal one, and can I do it all on $150 a month. My answer is Gas Point. Hubby and I both work out of the home. I use about 10 gal of gas a week and he use like 20gal. That's 30gal at $3.63, which is around 108.6! Oh my that's a lot of money going into my tank and coming out. Well lets make the money work for me! I'm going to let my money buy my groceries before it goes in my tank! That is double use of the money, that was going to go in my tank anyway.

Giant put almost $40 in my tank for this deal (everything here was free, plus 10 yogurts)

I do not count my gas money as grocery money, because that money has to be used on products that put money back into my gas tank! I also do not say my gas is free, its not! I'm using my gas money wisely.

Giant put $20 more dollars in my tank and this stuff free!

I know Hubby and I use 30gals of gas a week, that means I need to have all my gas points every week. I will have over 3.60 a week. I do that by the stuff that is in the box for gas points. I buy only what I would use, and add it to my stock pile. I don't waste to was money or my time, therefore I don't over buy. I don't want to serve my family old stuff.
Money I used to buy my gas was used at Giant on food!
Now you might think this is hard to do, or I end up with junk. I don't.  I will post my deals if I get a chance and show you how easy it is to build a stock pie that will help my family and do it using my gas!!! 

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