Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daily Goals - April 1st, 2014

This year is flying by. I can't believe it is April! I am loving see start to rise before I am getting up. It didn't make me want to get out of bed any faster though. I did steal a few minutes cuddling up with the pets this morning.

Today's Goals
  1. Work ~ I work today from 8am-6pm. I have all 3 little ones today. We have some fun stuff planned.
  2. Workout ~ Today I want to get a quick yoga video in and hopeful get to the gym.
  3. Couponing ~ Start to cut this weeks paper and get organized.
  4. Garden ~ Plant seed at naptime. So much to plant!
  5. Gardening ~ research homemade fungicide for my fruit trees.
Yesterday's Goals
1. Work- Today I work for 8:15am-6pm.
2. Cleaning - I want to vacume the house today.
3. Workout- I want to hit the gym today. 
4. Garden - take some of my down time and plant some more seed today. I have a lot to caugh up on. 
5. Pets- finish up the rabbits cage. I cleaned on but the other one is 1/2 way done.

I didn't do very well on my goals yesterday. I think it was because I was so sleepy. Then I did it again to myself. I was up until 12am. I have to get to bed earlier.

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