Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gardening- Gardening Tour ~ April 5th, 2014

Plans for the Garden
My Gardening is finally getting on the growing. I'm excited to should you what is going on. Right now it is clean up time, I have many seedlings growing in the basement, on Mother's Day we will plant them outside.

My Vegetable Garden
I was able to start cleaning the Garden and planting last weekend. It was nice to get outside and enjoy the weather. I did get one of my Garden Box 3 cleaned up and planted.
All My Fruit Trees
 I try to walk around the house and see what is going on with the trees. I learned that my Apricot tree is starting to bloom. I also learned that one of my branch on my Peach tree is broke, and I have to fix it. This time weekly lets me see what is going on.

The Garden Around the House
 I work hard to have the gardens around the house. The driveway garden, I'm hoping to make it edible. The rest I would like flowers. I don't do many flowers, because I don't want to waste the space. I have come to realize, I like the cut flower in my home. Therefore I need more in the garden.

This is a small glimpse into my gardens, how are your gardens coming along?

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