Friday, April 4, 2014

Gardening ~ 6 Before My Last Frost (2014) - Weekly Goal

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Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook is still helping though out the week to say on base with my gardens. I am also going though last years Gardening ~ 6 and 5 Weeks Before My Last Frost- Weekly Goal to stay on track. This year, I did push back the last day of frost for my area to the weekend of other's Day. This year our area was hit so bad with snow and cold weather. I would rather be safe than sorry, plus Mother's day Weekend the family will help e in the garden too.

Weekly goals
  1. Plant Peas, lettuce, radish, and kale outside ~ they weather has broken here, so time to plant my cold crops outside.
  2. Make a Pallet bed ~ I don't have the Money to add more gardening boxes, so when I came across Marvis Idea of a bed I was so excited! It will work perfectly.
  3. Clean up garden ~ This week I will start to pick up what the nasty weather left behind. Our yard is a mess!
  4. Spray Trees ~ Last year I had leaf Curl and I lost a lot of my produce off my trees. This year I want to spray the tress to help protect them.
  5. Plant ~ I have so much to plant this week, marigolds, rosemary, flowers (to many to write) and potatoes
 What are you hoping to get done in your garden this week?

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