Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Goals ~ April 1st-7th, 2014

This week is a busy birthday week. But so is the next two months, we have over seven people celebrating their birthday. It looks like the weather's going to break and it's going to feel like spring here. I'm so excited about that! Here's what's going on in my home this week;

Weekly Goals
  1. Family- We were doing really good with playing a board-game but my little one lost interest. Therefore we want to take her to the store this weekend and get a new game. I feel it is really important to take some time away from electronics and just hang out together as a family doing something fun. 
  2. Family- I want to do something special for Hubby. I've been really stressed out and not myself. I want him to know how much I appreciate him and love him!
  3. Cooking- I haven't been doing very well with cooking off of the menu. Most likely because I haven't been writing a menu so this week I want to stick to the menu that I have written. 
  4. Family- this week we have two birthdays my sister-in-law's birthday and my aunts birthday. I think one of the best parts about being in our family as we always do cake and ice cream on that person's birthday and the entire family is there! I think that is so important. I'm very blessed to be in a family to find time to come to your house at 7 o'clock at night after work and after school to celebrate your birthday. It's a really special thing my family does. 
  5. Wedding- this week I want to work on another 10 save the dates. I have to ask Hubby to grab the twine to finish up making them. 
  6. Gardening- as you probably notice this year gardening is super hard for me to actually get out and do it.  The weather's been horrible and the basements been cold, because we ran out of us wood. Therefore I have nowhere to start off my seeds. Now the weather is breaking, so I need to start getting things planted so I'll be able to plan them outside come Mother's Day!
  7. Gardening- I want to work on getting my Facebook page caught up and usable again I haven't really been posting on there anything very lazy about it. I'm personally sorry for that!
  8. Gardening- I need to spray my trees a fungicide last year. I had leaf curl on my peach leaves. I want to get out this weekend and spray the trees and get them ready to bloom! I don't believe I'm going to have time for them to grow the second set of leaves this year, because of how late our weather has taken to break. 
  9. Work out- I want to hit the gym at least three times this week. I was doing so good the last two weeks I know I have been starting to slide back down the path to gaining weight. I don't want to be there. 
  10. Work- this week I work four days. We are going to work on the letter Uu this week. 
What are your goals for the week? Link them up to me I love to read!!

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