Thursday, April 3, 2014

Daily Goals ~ Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Good Morning, Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. I did! Today is my last day of work for the week. I wish the weather would clear up this weekend. I want to get I the garden so bad.

Today's Goals
  1. Work ~Today I work for 8am-6pm. I have all three little ones, it going to be fun. I have some awesome things planned.
  2. Garden ~ Plant seed. I didn't do this yesterday, because my little ones asked I the could help me today and plant. I told her we could.
  3. Pets ~ I have to clean out the rabbit cage today. It smells. I cant wait to have them outside. They are a smelly animal.
  4. Couponing/Shopping ~ I have one more deal to work today for the week. It is the cookie and pop-tart deal at the Acme.
  5. Reading ~ I hope to work through my book a little today.
Yesterday's Goals
  1. Work ~ Today I work fro 8am-6pm. It is little man and I today. I'm hoping there are some errands to run today because we need to get out of the house.~ I had  wonderful day. I love my job and the little ones. I'm blessed to have.
  2. Garden ~ Plant seed at naptime. So much to plant, it needs to get done. ~ We are going to do as a project together.
  3. Family ~ Today after work is my sister in-laws birthday. It going to be a busy night, but fun. ~ It was nice to sped time with the family.
  4. Couponing/Shopping ~ Today is my shopping day, I want to hit the Giant this morning and then Acme later today. ~ I made it to bought stores, one before work, and one with my little man. Our house is getting stocked up.
What are you doing today?

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