Thursday, April 17, 2014

Daily Goals ~ April 17th, 2014

Good morning, I have been up for a while, but haven't gotten much done. Everyone is feed, and I put the rabbits outside to get some air and running around time. That is about all. I'm off of work today for a long Easter week. It was nice sleeping in a little and not having to rush. I do though have a list of stuff I would love to get done this weekend.

I love my flowers!
Today's Goals
  1. Cleaning ~ It is chilly outside right now, therefore I want to take my time and clean up the kitchen. It is a mess and needs to get organized.
  2. Gardening ~ I'm hoping that the weather warms up and I can get outside. I want to start to clean up last years onion patch, and finish clean up the garlic area. 
  3. Gardening. I have a lot of start pots, that I need to get clean. I have a lot of plants that need to get started really soon. I'm going to move my cold crops into the green house this weekend. That way I will have room to plant warmer crops. 
  4. Errands ~ I have a few more errands to run this weekend. I'm hoping to get them all most all done Except Saturday night Easter candy auction. 
  5. Family Time ~ Today is my Mom's Birthday! We will do cake and ice cream tonight!
What are you doing today? Let me know

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