Monday, April 21, 2014

Daily Goals ~ Monday, April 21st, 2014

Good Morning, Hope you had an amazing Easter! We did! Hubby and I went to to church. It is so nice, to have time with hubby and enjoy the church. Then we headed to m,y parents for dinner. It is so nice to get together with my family and have a blast. I'm lucky to be part of a family that is close and that want that closeness.

Today's Goals
  1. Cleaning ~ I need to get the house picked up.We are having the sister over for dinner tonight. I have challenged them to come up with something new to teach about. I can't see what they have come up with.
  2. Gardening ~ I need to work on getting the fire pit area cleaned up. I think this area will be some extra food for the animals. I will be able to use this for more lettuce, and cold shade crops for the animals.
  3. Gardening ~ Get green house up and start to harden off crops. I need to start to work on my harden my cold crops off. I need the room and they can be planted outside soon.
  4. Cooking ~ I need to make up the menu for this week. I get hard sometimes trying to figure out what to cook. I'm so glad my mother in law gave me a new cookbook.
  5. Cass's ~ I was talking yesterday to my family, I feel like I'm not pushing her. I know that it is crazy, but she so much smarter than she been acting and I want her to try harder.
 There is a lot going on today. It is important I get to move on it!

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