Friday, April 18, 2014

Rabbits ~ Outside Hutch

Hubby and I finally decide, where we want the rabbit hutch to go. I wanted a shady area, so the won't over heat this summer. We decide to put them next to the chicken. The chickens weren't so happy about that idea, but the had no choice.
Messy rabbit area
Okay, I will admit the area is a mess. Not that I don't love my girls, but they don't normal hang out in their coop, because they are free. I haven't been the best with getting the area picked up and looking nice. That changed a 12 hour project was started and it took two day to complete.  

1st time outside
While I was cleaning up their area the 1st day, we put them out in the small animal cage (this has been used as puppy cage, 2x as a chick coop, and now the bunnies) This is perfect for them to eat some grass, and get use to the outside. They have never been outside in their little life.They loved eating the grass.

1st time in the new hutch
Day 2 of cleaning up there area, we put them in their new hutch. This is where they will be. I love that we got it for free, and it huge. Once we have some babies it won't seem so big, but it will have room. Even though I am raising them for meat. I want them to have a great life. I want them to be loved and know that they are.

Cleaned up area and nosy chickens
Day 2, we got the hutch moved. I finished the area. I was taught how to shingle a roof. We also put up the pen. This gives them a 10x10 area to be bunnies hop, run and just be a bunny. Once we have baby bunnies, we will pull out the hutch in Cass room and divide the cage. That way, mommy can be with her babies and daddy won't eat them. Also it will stay divide for so male and females are separated. That way we only be sending pregnant bunnies off to be meat (that wold be horrible). Yes, the girls had to check it out. Anyone every say chicken were dumb, haven't meet mine. I think they were jealous their pen is smaller, but the are trapped.

Rabbits in their new pen and hutch
I put them in the hutch and they had a blast. They were running around and hoping and just being bunnies. They still can't be in their all the time, because it is still cold outside. They have to feel better having a lot more room, to move around and be bunnies.

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