Friday, April 4, 2014

Daily Goals ~ Friday, April 4th, 2013

Good Morning, we slept in a little later this morning. It felt great, shhh hubby is still sleeping. I need to pull out my Weekly Goal list for this week and make sure I' working my goals. Everyone is feed and quiet here.

My Echinacea Seeds

Today's Goals
  1. Couponing ~ Today, I'm going to help the some lady's in my church, learn how to coupon. I can't wait
  2. Gardening ~ I would like to work on My Garden Journal I love the app hubby got me has a place for my notes, It is so helpful!
  3. Gardening ~ Start to get back on my role with Gardening Goals. I want to write one for today.
  4. Cleaning ~ Clean the kitchen, this will be a hole weekend job. I want to go though it like I did the bathroom reorganize it.
  5. Family ~ Tonight I was hoping to do a movie night, little one text me this morning asking if she could go out with friends. I'm going to have to talk to hubby when he gets up. She getting to big.

My Awesome Couponing Deal! $3.80 for all of it
Yesterday's Goals
  1. Work ~Today I work for 8am-6pm. I have all three little ones, it going to be fun. I have some awesome things planned~We had a blast! It was a good day.
  2. Garden ~ Plant seed. I didn't do this yesterday, because my little ones asked I the could help me today and plant. I told her we could. ~I love how excited the kids get when we plant seeds. It is awesome to watch them.
  3. Pets ~ I have to clean out the rabbit cage today. It smells. I cant wait to have them outside. They are a smelly animal. ~ Smell rabbit cage clean!! No more smell rabbits.
  4. Couponing/Shopping ~ I have one more deal to work today for the week. It is the cookie and pop-tart deal at the Acme. ~ I did the deal now 4 times this week. Yes that gives e a lot of junk food, but I would be buying it anyway for lunches.
  5. Reading ~ I hope to work through my book a little today.~ I didn't get to this, I worked on My Gardening Journal instead.
I got 4 out of 5 of my goals done yesterday! I could have gotten the all down but I want to get my notes for the garden organized. How did you do on your goals yesterday?

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