Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cooking ~ Tutu's Skillet ~ How I inherided over 50 year old skillet and cleaned it

My Uncle asked me, if I would like to have my Tutu's skillet (Hawaiian for grand-mom). Of course I said yes! It is so cool to have something hand down that my Tutu, and uncle both used!

Cleaning My Tutu's skillet
He did warn me that the needed some TLC. I did my research and learned how to clean them. I used the information that was on wiwiHow. It couldn't have been easier. I used baking soda and a potato. I scrubbed them for about 15 minutes each. Then covered them with oil and baked them at 350 for an hour.

Seasoning the skillet

After they were done in the over, I start to cook with them. We were having pierogies for dinner. I fried p some oil and added some Mrs. Dash ~ Garlic and Herbs. Then fried up my pierogies, mmm they were great!

Cooking in the Skillet
After I was done cooking a watched a Youtube video on how to clean the pan. It was as easy as the lady said. I clean it with hot water and a brush. I dried it and then re-oiled it.

This one looks like new

Looks a little use, but wouldn't guess its over 50 years old
Now every time I cook, I will have my Tutu with me! This is an amazing gift my uncle gave me and one I will treasure for the rest of my life. It a gift that can never be replaced! I am hoping to pass it down to my little one! Could you imgaine cooking the meals for your family from the pan your Great-Grand mom used!

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