Friday, April 18, 2014

Daily Goals ~ Friday, April 18th, 2014

Good Morning, everyone is up and feed. I don't like being home alone. With hubby on military leave, and the little one at her fathers. The house was so quiet last night. I can not wait for everyone to be home today! How did you do with your goals yesterday? I did horrible. I was so lazy yesterday. I just sat around eating and watching TV. Okay no TV today! I have work to do!!!!!

Fluffy! Just hang out
Today's Goals
  1. Pets ~ Rabbits are going outside again to day! They are loving the area and being able to play. I still need to bring them in at night. They won't spend the night outside until it is 60* at night.
  2. Cleaning ~ Time to work on the kitchen! I didn't want to clean yesterday. I want to get it done before the family gets home this afternoon.
  3. Cass ~ I have to grab her at her father's house and then hit the bank. After that we are home for the weekend.
  4. Gardening ~ Write my goals for this week, and put last weeks goals in it. I have been so bad with my gardening goals! This weather is frozen my gardening gene, lol.
  5.  Gardening ~ Work on Fire Pit Garden. I don't even know what I'm going to plant there!
Happy 51 Birthday Mom! I love you
 Yesterday's Goals

  1. Cleaning ~ It is chilly outside right now, therefore I want to take my time and clean up the kitchen. It is a mess and needs to get organized. ~ I didn't do. I was lazy yesterday.
  2. Gardening ~ I'm hoping that the weather warms up and I can get outside. I want to start to clean up last years onion patch, and finish clean up the garlic area. ~ I didn't do. I was lazy yesterday.
  3. Gardening. I have a lot of start pots, that I need to get clean. I have a lot of plants that need to get started really soon. I'm going to move my cold crops into the green house this weekend. That way I will have room to plant warmer crops. ~ I didn't do. I was lazy yesterday.
  4. Errands ~ I have a few more errands to run this weekend. I'm hoping to get them all most all done Except Saturday night Easter candy auction. ~ I got everything done! I found stuff I was missing at another store, and my stock pile is awesome.
  5. Family Time ~ Today is my Mom's Birthday! We will do cake and ice cream tonight! ~ My daughter's father let her come to the cake and ice cream. It was nice getting to with family. I really do treasure the time we have with them. I am lucky to have a close bond with my family.
What did you do yesterday? Did you take a lazy day and catch up on your DVR? The way I did. 

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