Monday, April 14, 2014

Daily Goals ~ Monday, April 14th, 2014

Good Morning, I know you didn't here much from me over the weekend. This is my busy time! I have so much to tell you and picture to show. Hope I can find the time to share it all before the week is over. This weekend, I spend over 12 hours in the yard! Most of it was time that I was cleaning the yard and area for the rabbit home. Then late last night hubby and I set it up. They had a blast in it and the area looks amazing.

Love the Daffodils just growing where they want

Today's Goals
  1. Work ~ Today I work from 8am-6pm. I am excited to get back and spend time with the little ones. Last week, I was so sick, it doesn't feel like I was there. Plus I left early one Wednesday and didnt  work Thursday. Even Friday I didn't do much in the yard.
  2. Workout ~ Ugh I haven't been doing very well on working out and counting my calories. I gained back a pound. I'm going the worng way. I know I can lose this weight! Back on track today. Plus getting in the garden is going to help burn calories doing things I like. Tonight hubby and I are hitting the gym. Abs get ready!
  3. Finances ~ Today is my last day to file my business taxes. I have to get everything ready then turbo tax will help me do the rest. I'm almost done.
  4. Shopping ~ Today I need to hit the store to grab the pepper, onion, and salad I need for dinner this week. I can't wait to just go get it out of the garden!!!
  5. Blog ~ I want to download all the pictures, that were taking this weekend.
What are you doing today?

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