Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gardening ~ 6 Before My Last Frost (2014) - 4.Spray Trees

Spraying My Peach tree

Last weekend I started on some of My 6 Before My Last Frost (2014) - Weekly Goal. I sprayed my trees. Last year my peach trees had Left Curl, therefore this year I decide to spray all my trees.

I researched many sites the best I recipes I have found is
Vinegar Fungicide and Baking Soda/ Potassium Bicarbonate Fungus Control  from The Dr. Dirt
I'm going to take Dr. Dirt recipes. I combined the recipes and made my Homemade Fungicide. 

After making my fungicide, I when out and sprayed all my trees. I know that Leaf Curl only effects peach trees, but I want to make sure my other trees aren't holding the fungus. This also gave me time to check out each tree, and their branches.

My 4 Pear trees
My peach tree

My Apricot Tree
My 2 Apple Trees
My 3 Plum Trees
My everything tree, that lost all but one kind of branch
Do you have any fruit trees in your yard? I am hoping to get 2-3 more this year. I am hoping to have enough food coming out of the garden. It would be awesome, because the price of fruit keeps going up.

I'm Not sure if it will work but worth a try!

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